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SG Three phase grid tie solar inverter



AC side SG3P3000A SG3P5000A SG3P6000A SG3P7000A SG3P7500A
Continuous output power at 40(P nom) 3000W 5000W 6000W 7000W 7500W
AC output current 4.5A 7.6A 9.8A 10.6A 11.4A
AC output voltage(nominal) 380V AC +10%, 50/60Hz+1Hz, true sine wave<3% THD, three phase
AC output range 342-418V AC (limited by local anti-islanding regulations)
Standby losses ≤15W
User interface interactive LCD display with button operation
Connectivity Wireless RS232/458, WIFI
Backup switch over time <5 ms
DC side
Max.input 16.6A 24A 30A 30A 30A
No.of strings 1
No.of MPPT trackers 1
Solar Voltage 198-360 223-360 241-360 241-360 259-360
MPPT voltage 198-360 223-360 241-360 241-360 259-360
Solar Connections MC4
Max.Efficiency 96.80%
Max.MPP Efficiency 99.00%
Power factor 0.99 (Rated power)
Operating Temperature Range(full power) -10 to +50(derating from 40)
Storage Temperature -40 to +70
Humidity maximum 90%, non-condensing
Warranty two years
Dimensions(WxHxD)(mm) 610*400*203 610*400*203 610*400*203 610*400*203 610*400*203
Protection Category IP65
Weight(kg) 40.5 44.5 47.5 50.5 51.5
Protection over/under voltage,over/under frequency,anti-islanding,AC short circuit, Ground fault,monitoring, DC reverse polarity, over load
Topology HF-CHAIN
Cooling Fan Cooling