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SLZ30 solar street lights controller


solar controller, solar regulator

suunnySLZ30 Solar Regulator with timer.pdf

Solar controller for PV systems, coordination of solar panels, batteries and work load, is a very important photovoltaic system component. It makes the whole solar system work efficiently and safely.

Solar street light controller is mainly used for domestic, commercial, factory, transport, pastoral areas, communication and other photovoltaic power systems.

Key Features:

1. Using a single chip and special software achieve the intelligent control.

2. Using battery discharge rate characteristics modify the discharge control. Final discharge voltage is the control point modified by discharge curve to eliminate the inaccuracies by a simple over discharge voltage. In accord with inherent characteristics of the battery, different discharge rates has the different final discharge voltage to ensure the battery to be used effectively.

3. Over charge, over discharge, short circuit, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, reverse current protection at night, automatic control and so on; more protection from damaging any parts and burning insurance out.

4. Adopting series connected type PWM as the main circuit, the voltage loss of the charge loop lower nearly half compared with the circuit using the diode's charge reduced; in contrast to non-PWM, the charge efficiency is higher 3% - 16%; an increase of power utilization time; normal direct charging; automatically control of float charging make sure the system with long lifespan.

5. Accurate temperature compensation.

6. Intuitive LED indicates the current battery status to make sure that users understand the behavior in service.

7. Cancel set point adjustment and control of potentiometer, and use of Flash memory to record the work control points to set the digitization to eliminate the vibration due to deviation and reduce errors and reliable factors by drift and other control points.

8. Using of soft-touch keys is convenient and aesthetic.

Application & Specifications:
Solar Street lights,Solar Garden lights、Lawn lamp,Solar advertisement, Solar traffic warning lamps

Model No.




Rated solar input




Rated Load Current




System voltage

DC12V; DC12V/24V AUTO;36V;48V

Over load、short circuit protection

1.25 rated load current 60sec,1.5 rated loads current 5sec, over load

No load current

<=6 mA

Charging circuit voltage drop


Load circuit voltage drop


Over voltage protection


Work Temperature

Industry stage: -35ºC to +55ºC;

Boost charge voltage


Direct charge voltage

14.4V; ×2/24V;(keep:10min)

Float charge voltage

13.6V; ×2/24V;

Charge return voltage


Temperature compensation

-5mv/ºC/2V(Boost charge、Direct charge、Float charge、charge return

Lower voltage indicate


Over discharge voltage

11.1V(no load)- real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate:×2/24V

Over discharge return voltage


Control mode

PWM charge mode; modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate

Mounting dimension and precautions:
Controller dimensions: SLZ30-10A 140×90×26(mm); SLZ30-20A 140×90×36(mm);  SLZ30-30A 140×90×36(mm);SLZ30-36V/30A 140×90×36(mm); SLZ30-48V/30A 140×90×36(mm); 
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