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SUHT 301 Solar water hearter partner

SUHT301 Solar water heater partner


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Product features

Safety, energy saving, efficient, beautiful, fast is the purpose of the product design.

1. Safety

Multiple safety protection, safe and reliabl;

Intelligent control with water and electricity over temperature protection against dry protection device;

Flow protection function, intelligent traffic control, the flow is greater than 1 + / - 0.2 L/Min can be heated.

2. Energy-saving

Without preheating and heat preservation and energy saving province electricity;

3. Efficient

Professional design of crystal the electro-thermal pipe has good thermal conductivity, thermal efficiency is as high as 95%.

Heating pipe system temperature lower than 63 degrees, difficult to form, scale heat transfer faster, use for a long time, maintain such as heating efficiency.

Can satisfy the bathroom shower, sink basin, kitchen hot water demand.

4. Beautiful

Color-glass culture pattern design, comfortable and easy;

5. Fast

Without preheating, the hot water of your required temperature will flow out after the boot, make more convenient;

6. High-tech

Microcomputer numerical control "QSCC" water and electricity separation heating technology, safe and convenient;


Main functions and characteristics

1. All-weather automatic management and auxiliary solar water heater work;

2. Intelligent energy-saving heat device, make your solar water heater to be used properly with the lack of light;

3. Using "QSCC" hydropower separation heater, safety, high efficiency, long life;

4. Advanced microcomputer control system, safe, reliable and humanization;

5. Pure resistive load, inductance, electromagnetic radiation, green environmental protection no pollution;

6. Computer control overheating protection, 30 minutes without automatic shutdown operation;

7. Multiple security protection, make the safety performance of water heater;

8. Thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, relative to traditional product more save electricity;

9. Rotary flow sensor sampling, no water is not turned on, never dry;

10. Fashionable appearance, ultra-thin body, beautiful and easy;

11. Easy installation, easy operation, terminal heating mode, without waiting for;

12. Using high-tech production technology and high precision testing instrument;

13. Suitable for family, hotel, beauty salon, hospital need warm water, such as occasion;


Product technical parameters

Product model



The Rated power



The Rated voltage


The range of Current(reference)



Wire cross-sectional area

2.5mm2(Copper wire)

The type of protection against electric shock


Waterproof level


Temperature of self protection


The rated pressure


The minimum start-up flow


Overall dimensions(The host)


Gross Weight