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SE-12 solar thermal controller


Solar water heating-microcomputer auto monitor

Major Technical Indications

Dimension: 180×125×45mm

Packing Box: 340×195×55mm

1.Power supply: 220VAC  Power consumption:≤4.5W

2.Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2

3.Range of temperature measuring:0℃-99

4.Water level classification: Five classes display

5.Power of controlled water pump or electric heating wire≤500W

6.Electromagnetic valve parameter: DC12V, pressurized or un-pressurized valve are available for selection

Operating pressure of pressurized valve: 0.02Mpa-0.8Mpa, suitable for supply water directly

Operating pressure of un-pressurized valve: 0.0Mpa suitable for water tank supply or low hydraulic-pressure supply.

Main Functions:

*Compulsive water loading        *Power on self-test       *Water temperature display

*Temperature-controlled loading    *Water level display       *Water shortage alarming

*Manual water loading            *Water full alarming             *Timing watering

*Constant level watering          *Auto watering Pressurization    *Power-off memory

*Delay insulation function manually      *water level bottom can be preset

*water level up-part can be preset