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SK101 vacuum tubes

Suunny common gathering warm vacuum tube diameter 47mm, 58mm, 70mm. In length is 1.2 m/ 1.5m/ 1.6m/ 1.7m/ 1.8m/ 2.0m multiple graded AI-N/AI specifications selective coating the entire structure of the coaxial double glass vacuum tube solar collector, three-cavity, the three executives interference coating. We look forward to solar industry colleagues to inspect and guide negotiations, and create a glorious industries.

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1. Not bombing tube (super antifreeze)
Because of using auto-annealing kiln system, the stress is less than 100 nm. Due to high temperature absorbs heat pipe technology ,the tube has greatly enhanced the efficiency of the products.In rare sunlight layer coating material was quickly activated, within moments to create a large vacuum tube with water temperature, hot and cold water, rapid cycleMeanwhile vacuum tube directly from sunlight-absorbing surface and the reflected light-temperature dropped significantly, the formation cycle so as to further enhance the anti-freezing winter cold vacuum tube in the north.

2. High decalescence , low heat loss, this is particularly suitable for cold areas (super-insulation)
Ceramic production techniques were gradually high temperature ceramic membrane selective absorption - using electron beam evaporation techniques suitable for high-temperature applications (for the domestic solar water heater do a job with skill and ease Improved coating layer structure, the vacuum tube can bear temperature reaches 300 Celsius degree . A vacuum tube avoid long-term exposure to the film and aging, discoloration, attenuation performance, and long life. Compared with ordinary vacuum tube products with the high-temperature, high-efficiency, low-loss advantages of the same remarkable results in a frigid environment collector.

3 .Corrosion resistance and long service life (long life)
Groove high standard borosilicate glass, linear expansion coefficient 3.3*10-6 Celsius degree , in line with international ISO1776 anti-acid level, ISO695 alkali A2 level, excellent mechanical properties, hardness -- Mok's 7.2.

4. Efficient all endothermic (super-heat absorbing)
Germany OPT monitoring process monitoring, quality of the only solar-absorption more than.945, ε more than 0.05 hemisphere than fired. Mainly absorb solar light wavelength 0.35 um. In the same heat gain more water flow conditions; The other using the vacuum tube Diameter 58, the cross-section perimeter further heating, heating units larger.

5 . Hail resistance capacity
25mm diameter hail impacts damaged voltage 1Mpa, excellent mechanical properties

Specification of All-glass Evacuated Solar Collector Tubes


All-glass concetric dual tube geometr

Glass material

Borosilicate glass

Outer lube biameter and length

D =47 +/-0.7mm, L =1.5m

D =58 +/-0.7mm, L =1.8m

D =70 +/-0.7mm, L =2m

D =37 +/-0.7mm, L =1.5m

Lnner lube diameter and length

D =47 +/-0.7mm, L =1.8m

D =58 +/-0.7mm, L =2m

Gtaded Al-N/Al solar selectuve absorbing coating



Mothod to deposition

DC reactive sputtering







< 8% (80 Celsius degree )


P < 5×10 -3pa

Stagnation parameter

>= 230m*m Celsius degree/KW

Solar radiance exposure for obtaining a preset water temperature

=< 2.8MJ/m*m

Average heat loss coefficient

=< 0.8W/(m*m*m Celsius degree )


15 years