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SP24 solar thermal controller

Suunny SP24 solar water heater controllerSP24 user manual.pdf

Main technical data:

1. Dimension: 120×120×18mm, 186×140×41mm
2. Input voltage: 200V~240V AC or 100V~120V AC
3. Power: ≤3W
4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±1℃
5. Range of temperature measuring: 0~99℃
6. Input signals:
1 x PT1000 sensor temperature probe ≤500℃, silicon cable ≤280℃;
2 x NTC10K sensor temperature probe≤135℃, PVC cable ≤105℃
7. Output signals:
1 x Auxiliary heating output (Max. load current: 12A)
2 x Relay output (Max. load current: 3A)
8. LCD-display
9. Range of environment temperature: -10~50℃
10. Water protection grade: IP40

Main functions:

1. Time display
2. Temperature difference circulation
3. Storage tank overheating protection
4. Emergent stop of system overheating
5. Frost protection of pipeline and collector
6. Three periods of time adjustable on pipeline circulation
7. Three periods of time adjustable on auxiliary heating
8. Anti-bacteria function
9. Holiday function