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Solar water partner

SUHT300 Solar water partner


1. Solar water heaters because of its green energy saving, has been widely popular, but people are not content to simply provide hot water and need more convenient more intelligent hot water system to meet people's hot water needs.

2. The disadvantages of solar energy is that one in the winter or rainy day, there is no enough hot water use, waste electric heating and electricity; The need to put cold water first before using, time-consuming and water, and water trouble, not forget to add water, is to forget to turn off, very inconvenient

3. The new development of photoelectric complementary instrument - solar partner, and obtained two national patents, is hot, to save time, save water, save electricity, save space, it will solve all your problems!

4. "Solar water heater + solar partner" is the perfect combination of hot water is the most save time, save water, save electricity, save space and save worry, intelligent management of hot water machine.

5. To save time, do not need to preheat in advance, that is, is hot, can take a shower at any time

6. solar partner  set the water temperature of 35℃ to 50 ℃, it can not only ensure the water in the tank reach the set temperature, even instant heating the water in the tube, is want to the temperature of the water.

7. solar partner's temperature range of 35 to 50 ℃, as long as you put good temperature setting, boot 3 seconds out of the water is the temperature you want, and keep constant temperature bath process

8. Automatic filling water function can automatically sheung shui, solve the problems of water shortage, sensitive touch buttons, intuitive and convenient operation; Also has a timeout automatically shut down, prevent dry heating protection, leakage protection, overtemperature protection device, ensure use safety. (a little more detail about the function of automatic filling water)

9. A set of solar water heater and solar companion, solved all of my troubles, can a hot bath everyday.


1. Water is hot water, when  water temperature higher than set temperature, the built-in program immediately stop heating

2. Built into the solar energy water heater all-weather management procedures

3. Dual temperature sensor perfectly control the heating time and power adjustment

4. The advanced water and electricity separation technology

5. Built-in leakage protection devices, built-in prevent dry heating protection device, internal leakage and overtemperature protection device

6. Precision rotary flow detection device, the constant speed is more stable and quick

7. Sensitive touch buttons

8. The built-in safety relief devices, built-in timeout automatic shutdown protection