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SP26 solar thermal controller

SUUNNY SP26 solar water heater controllerSP26 user manual.pdf

Main technical data:

1. Dimension: 170×148×40mm
2. Input voltage: 220V~240V AC or 100V~120V AC
3. Power: ≤3W
4. Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±1℃
5. Range of temperature measuring: NTC 10K: 0~99℃
6. Input signals:
1 x NTC10K sensor temperature probe≤135℃, PVC cable ≤105℃
7. Output signals:
1 x Auxiliary heating output (Max. load current: 12A)
8. LCD-display
9. Range of environment temperature: -10~50℃
10. Water protection grade: IP40

Main functions:

1. Display time
2. Display temperature
3. Thermostatic set on tank temperature
4. Adjustable of three time periods on auxiliary heating
5. Anti-bacteria function