SK201 integrated unpressurized solar water heater

SK201 solar water heater

Elements of heat collection: Adapt fully high effective vacuum pipe of Suunny super conduct technology.
Inner bag of water tank: Adapt imported qualified SUS304-2B edible grade stainless steel through frequency weld, integrated plate. The weld seam is located at the top of water tank.
Case of water tank: Choose imported SUS304 staninless steel or color coated steel or Zinc galvanized steel plate from Japan;
Heat preservation material: Adapt polyurethane imported from Japan through high pressure high density integrated machinery foaming, constant tem perature+aging treatment. Its light hole is fine and uniform. Its density is reasonable and its rate of pore closed is high. Its effect of heat preservation is best. Being adapted macromolecular Si rubber material that is popular in the world, therefore its life is over twice than that of common silicon rubber.
End cover of water tank: mould one time, wale and prevent from bogus, inner lock, made from aluminum alloy material (Compared with common thin aluminum alloy material, its strength will increase twice), compared with plastic end cover its life is longer.
Design of bracket: Choose thickened zinc galvanized steel plate through press molding. Adapt corrosion resistant treatment and anti-UV radiation plastic sprazying;
Run automatically: It can be equipped with microcomputer full automatic control meter to display water temperautre and level. Feed and stop water auto matically, heat automatically, creepage protection, control automatically.


SK201 tubes (pcs) Vacuum tube
( mm*mm)
Capacity (litre) Quantity
Temperature (Celsius) Using (times/day)
47-1500-16A 16 1500X47 98 60-200 45-95 2-6
47-1500-18A 18 1500X47 110 80-250 45-95 3-8
47-1500-20A 20 1500X47 130 90-280 45-95 3-9
47-1500-24A 24 1500X47 155 110-350 45-95 4-11
47-1500-30A 30 1500X47 220 140-440 45-95 5-14
58-1800-15A 15 1800X58 150 120-300 45-95 4-8
58-1800-18A 18 1800X58 180 130-350 45-95 4-9
58-1800-20A 20 1800X58 200 160-450 45-95 5-11
58-1800-24A 24 1800X58 240 200-500 45-95 6-14
58-1800-30A 30 1800X58 300 260-580 45-95 6-18
70-2000-15A 15 2000X70 160 150-350 45-95 5-9
70-2000-18A 18 2000X70 190 170-400 45-95 5-11
70-2000-20A 20 2000X70 210 190-500 45-95 6-14
70-2000-24A 24 2000X70 250 230-580 45-95 7-18
70-2000-30A 30 2000X70 310 290-650 45-95 7-20
1.Solar Collector:Vacuum Glass Tube
2.Inside Tank:SUS304-2B Stainless Steel
3.Outside tank:Colored steel/Stainless steel
4.Insulation:Thermos Insulator Layer
5.Sealing:Silicon Gel O Ring
6.Top Tank:Colored steel/Stainless steel
7.Support Frame:Colored steel/Stainless steel
8.Angle:38/45/50 degree