SK301 thermosiphon solar water heater

SK301solar water heater

Thermosiphon solar collector provide heat through a efficient copper coil. It’s different from normal water heater. Water can be put directly in collector, but adding heat oil. When cold water goes through copper tube, it willl be heated by heated oil. The length of copper tube is 45-60.There’s no water entering such kind of collector so that it can avoid corrosion and rust. Thermosiphone solar collector is not allowed to be connected directly with pressure water.
Tank installation is subject to local area. Circled thermosiphone solar collector system is suitable for single or multiple solar system. For example, family solar water heater, solar water swimming pool and solar water furnace system. It’s the best choice in cold area or poor water quality area.


Style of vacuum
Qty.of tubes Capacity Heat transfer
surface area(m2)
Install area (m2)
58-1800 24 215L 2.64 2.32
58-1800 30 260L 3.15 2.63
58-1800 36 300L 3.91 3.27
1.Solar Collector:Vacuum Glass Tube
2.Inside Tank:SUS304-2B Stainless Steel
3.Outside tank:Colored steel/Stainless steel
4.Insulation:Thermos Insulator Layer
5.Sealing:Silicon Gel O Ring
6.Top Tank:Colored steel/Stainless steel
7.Support Frame:Colored steel/Stainless steel
8.Angle:38/45/50 degree
9.insid tubecopper Tubes