SE-11 solar thermal controller

SE_11_Solar heater Controller

Automatic Monitor

Major Technical Indications

Dimension: 155×105×35mm

Packing Box: 340×125×65mm

Power supply: 220VAC Power consumption: ≤4.5W

Accuracy of temperature measuring: ±2℃

Range of temperature measuring:0℃-99℃

Water level classification: Five classes display

Electromagnetic valve parameter: DC12V, pressurized or un-pressurized valve are available for selection.

Operating pressure of pressurized valve: 0.02Mpa-0.8Mpa, suitable for supply water directly.

Operating pressure of un-pressurized valve: 0.0Mpa, suitable for water-tank supply or low hydraulic-pressure supply.

Main Functions:

*Power on self-test *Water temperature preset *Water level indication

*Water level set *Water shortage alarming *Water shortage loading

*Manual water loading *Temperature-controlled loading *Compulsive water loading

*Water quality set *Automatic pressurization *Failure instruction

*Low water pressure loading *Pipe warm preservation *Auto leakage prevention

*High-temperature explosion protection